Slack killed my productivity

At the risk of sounding wistful, I liked it.

Mostly, it forced me out of my desk, away from notifications and questions and to-do’s.

(Re)Enter: Desktop Instant Messaging

And the little red dots — well, the little red dots were addictive.

Slack killed my productivity

The instantaneous, addictive nature of Slack made me feel like I was expected to respond to everything right away.

I passed hundreds of days this way.

Beholden to a product that promised to free us from isolation

If Slack isn’t the answer, what is?

But I don’t know that Slack is the place to do it. At least, I don’t think we’re using it right.

Instead, it seems that work happens in spite of Slack.



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Brigitte Dreger

Brigitte Dreger


Talking about the things people are afraid to talk about. LGBT+, Startup Culture, Diversity.